"Amy finds these things pretty!"

Here we are – I have finally stopped piggy backing off my sister’s website and Amy’s Pretties has a home all of its own for all your private resin class bookings!  I can’t believe how much has happened in just the last year, how much resin has been poured and how many amazing homes I have been to, helping people make beautiful and personal resin art pieces for their homes or as gifts.  I remember right at the beginning sitting at my sisters kitchen bench talking about how this concept would even work, all the moulds I wanted to buy and projects I had in mind, and just how much I enjoyed pouring the resin.  To think that I now own all those moulds (and more haha), have an awesome class set up (that has been proved to work) AND I still LOVE working with this medium……it blows my mind, and makes my heart sing with happiness.  And thank goodness the class set up has improved since my first attempt teaching a very accomodating brother in law! :)

A bit about me - I am a collector. I am a maker. I love fashion. I love art. And when I made the huge move from constant fast fashion consumer to sustainable fashionconsumer, my world opened up. All of a sudden there I was selling items from my wardrobe, that I love but maybe have no use for anymore or they don’t fit me. Instead of holding onto items that I love for their beauty or sentiment I was sending them back out into the world so they can have another story - and be appreciated by someone else. 


I am also one of those people who is a born maker. Making for myself, making custom orders, being on the ground at the markets….I love every part of it! Every craft I have tried my hand at (sewing, resin, cross-stitch, millinery, macrame) will also be here to buy. I’m only making what I love but if you do want something personalised let me know I will see what I can do.


Every item on this website has been lovingly crafted by me. I take pride in my ability to make beautiful things and I hope you love these “pretties” as much as I do!


While I am the resident artist of Amy’s Pretties, I use the term “we” on the webpage as I would not be able to be do anything I do without the support and input from my husband and 2 beautiful children. “We” work as a team and every one has a role that has led to you enjoying your purchase/class. Fear not however “we” do not let our kids anywhere near your resin classes in real life! 😜